United Credit Consultants Announces New Real Estate Program Within The UCC Brand Named United Real Estate Group

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) December 24, 2013

United Credit Consultants™ has done it again. In late September of 2013, United Credit Consultants™ Management and Development Team announced they will be expanding their internal programs and services by creating the United Real Estate Group™ Program option. The unique feature and function of the Program is that Clients who enroll with United Credit Consultants™ are then able to gain immediate access to a selected handful of real estate agents that are currently licensed through Re/Max Advantage Plus™. These Agents have been educated in all aspects of credit, particularly in relation to the real estate purchase. This unique partnership allows for a home search to be conducted while the client’s credit is being repaired or restored by a credit adviser through United Credit Consultants™.

“The unique partnership between United Credit Consultants and United Real Estate Group is the process of becoming a home owner has never been easier and more efficient,” said the President and CEO of United Credit Consultants™ and United Real Estate Group™.

The announcement of this specific Program is great news for prospective home buyers with credit difficulties within the Twin Cities area and throughout the Minneapolis real estate market. The program is specifically designed with the needs of each client in mind. The Program alone features two outstanding companies in United Credit Consultants and the Minnesota Real Estate Team™ that is licensed with Re/Max Advantage Plus™. The Minnesota Real Estate Team™ earned the top spot as the largest, most successful Re/Max real estate team in the nation for 2012.

According to the Management and Development Team with United Credit Consultants™ “This unique Program is the first of its kind of its size known nationally and within the industry. It seems like a natural pairing, with the amount of consumers with credit concerns, the first step is to improve the credit profile and score before even beginning the home-buying process. This Program allows both services to be initiated simultaneously, thus expediting the home buying and credit restoration experience”.

The goal of the Program is to not only expand the number of consumers whose credit allows them to pursue home ownership, but to also ease the complicated process of purchasing a home. “The home-buying process is complex, but the experience has never been easier for someone with less-than-perfect credit history,” said Mr. Joseph McGlynn. “Through United Credit Consultants™ and the United Real Estate Group™, you’ll find award-winning professional credit services partnered with agents under one of the most successful real estate teams in the nation.”

The aspect of the Program that has generated the most buzz is when consumers utilize both programs, United Credit Consultants™ and United Real Estate Group™. When this happens, in addition to the consumer choosing one of the real estate agents that are part of United Real Estate Group™ to represent them through the home buying experience, the consumer will then qualify to receive back up to 50% reimbursement of the credit services fees paid to United Credit Consultants™. [Some restrictions apply. Contact United Credit Consultants directly for details on the reimbursement process]

For more information on United Credit Consultants™ or their new Service Program, United Real Estate Group™ call 1-800-455-4100 or visit http://www.unitedcreditconsultants.com

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